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Support Contact

Support...really? Social Nucleus is a free! Most support issues can be addressed by viewing the Support Information below, but you can email other questions to

Support Information

Here are a few tips to ensure the best exploration of your Social Nucleus:

Q: How do I use Social Nucleus?
A: Once you select a social platform (Yammer or SharePoint), Social Nucleus will display YOU in the Nucleus with followers and the people/groups you follow around you. You can click on any user/group to put them in the Nucleus and display their follows/followers. The toolbar allows you to toggle the labels and other display settings for the app. For more information, see our overview video HERE.

Q: What browsers does the app support?
A: Social Nucleus requires a modern browser such Internet Explorer 9 and above, or the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. Sorry, no IE8 or below.

Q: Pictures aren't displaying in the app
A: You should ensure that Social Nucleus runs in the same browser security zone as SharePoint. If not, it could have issues displaying pictures for you or other users in your nucleus.

Q: When I login with Yammer, I never get redirected back to the app
A: I would suggest adding the Social Nucleus app to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer.

Q: It doesn't seem like the app is loading all the data
A: Yammer throttles API calls, so navigating through the Nucleus too fast could breifly block api calls. Don't worry, just wait a few seconds and try the query again.

Q: Why does the app only allow me to load 50 items at a time?
A: Some users and groups are VERY popular. Loading hundreds or thousands or items at once could REALLY slow down your browser. 50 at a time is a safegaurd we determined to be appropriate.

Q: Why don't I see groups?
A: Currently, Social Nucleus only displays Yammer groups. SharePoint tags or groups might be in a future update.

Q: Where is Social Nucleus hosted?
A: Interesting that you ask...Social Nucleus is powered by Windows Azure, which in our opinion makes it even cooler!

Q: Social Nucleus is awesome...will there be enhancements?
A: Thanks for the feedback! Yes, Social Nucleus is a cloud-hosted app, which makes it easy for us to add new features quickly and without interruption to users.

Privacy Information

Social Nucleus does not store any information it queries/displays (including your personal information). In fact, it runs 100% client-side (geek talk for in your browser) and doesn't use any cookies, session variables, or other web "things" that might be interpreted as a privacy concern. Social Nucleus requires that your browser communicates with SharePoint and/or Yammer using a secure connection (the same time you use for online shopping). Bottom are safe to explore your social enterprise with Social Nucleus!